APOProcess function is not called

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I am making a custom APO. However, the process does not go through the APOProcess function.

APO is made based on the following sample code.
(Added DllRegisterServer function and DllUnregisterServer function)

The sample code above does not include a GUI project, so I am using the WDK 8.1 sample code below.

I put the OutputDebugString function at the beginning of each function.
The process goes through the constructor and the Initialize function, but not through the APOProcess function.


(1) Why isn’t APOProcess function called?

(2) Is the registration registry correct?
{d04e05a6-594b-4fb6-a80d-01af5eed7d1d},1 = {B48DEA3F-D962-425a-8D9A-9A5BB37A9904}
{d04e05a6-594b-4fb6-a80d-01af5eed7d1d},2 = {06687E71-F043-403A-BF49-CB591BA6E103}

(3)Do I need to change other registries?

OS:Windows10 1909

Platform toolset:WindowsApplicationForDrivers10.0

Windows SDK version:10.0.19041.0

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