ASDF on Windows 7 cannot load the ASD file using CLISP or SBCL

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On my Windows 7 CLISP 0.49 and SBCL-1.4.14 are installed and they work perfectly. ASDF 3.3.1 is loaded on .sbclrc or .clisprc as

(load "C:Usersmayhemlispasdfasdf.lisp")
(require :asdf)
(push "C:Usersmayhemlispsystems" asdf:*central-registry*)

I’d like to load and use the iterate package/library using ASDF (not QuickLisp) so I’ve installed the iterate (cloned from into C:Usersmayhemlispiterate and on CMD.exe

> cd C:Usersmayhemlispsystems
> junction.exe iterate.asd C:Usersmayhemlispiterateiterate.asd

If I (require 'iterate) whether on REPL or in a file, I get

CLISP: *** - LOAD: A file with name ITERATE does not exist

SBCL:  ASDF could not load iterate because Error while trying to load definition for system iterate from pathname C:/Users/mayhem/lisp/systems/iterate.asd/: error opening #P"C:/Users/mayhem/lisp/systems/iterate.asd/": Access denied..
While evaluating the form starting at line 1, column 0
  of #P"C:/Users/mayhem/lisp/defsystem.lisp":

If I try to load the iterate.asd directly then I get
EVAL: undefined function DEFSYSTEM

How to fix the problem?

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