link .so file path to visual studio remote linux project

  .so, c++, linux, visual-studio

I am currently buliding a cross platform wxwidgets gui demo application using visual studio from windows pc. As a dependecy i have added file to my project and added the remote path to visual studio project settings.

  • project settings -> linker -> general -> additional library directories
  • project settings -> linker -> input -> additional dependecies

The project builds perfectly with out any issue but when i run the project it say not found! But the file is physically present in the remote location and the additional dependency path specified in the project settings is also correct.

I have searched alot and found some answers but they did not work for me. so far i have tried-

  • -ldl
  • -Wl,-rpath-link

This is first time i am working with linux environment. Please help me to fix this one.


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