How to delete a folder on windows?

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I’ve been looking through Angular projects and decided to delete them from my computer. Whenever attempting to delete the process crashes. Instead I attempted to delete from the command line.

Using the command rmdir /S gives the following error:

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C:Userswattob>rmdir /s "c:OneDriveDocumentsngxsDemo"
c:OneDriveDocumentsngxsDemo, Are you sure (Y/N)? y
c:OneDriveDocumentsngxsDemoNODE_M~1ARRAY-~1 - The directory is not empty.
c:OneDriveDocumentsngxsDemoNODE_M~1genfunlib - The directory is not empty.
c:OneDriveDocumentsngxsDemoNODE_M~1JASMIN~1images__PYCA~1 - The directory is not empty.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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