c++ for online form automation

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I’m looking to start a project preferably with c++ as I have the most experience in it. But if other languages have better support for my project I would also happily learn something new.

Pretty much I’m looking to insert data from text or CSV files into online forms which could be either registering accounts or just filling various forms for the purpose of saving time filling out the exact same form numerous times.

In terms of data manipulation I already have that bit done. What I’m looking for is solely the support for sending the requests to the sites and performing the data insertion, I have read a bit on C++ curl library but feel like there are probably better options out there.

I’m trying to dodge Java as I have done a request based project in it and didn’t enjoy it too much, although if it would be a superior choice I could come back to it

If anyone is interested in what the whole purpose of this is, my friend had a idea to create this in order to boost his chances in certain online raffles where he would have to fill out every raffle form 7-8 times manually with details of his friends and family members which agreed to enter for him + create accounts with the personal details.

This is by no means any form of attack, + the sites which I would like to target have very good anti-DDoS and other measures implemented to easily counter anyone trying to actually harm them.

Thanks for reading this

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