What frameworks, libraries, and packages should I explore to create an audio editor in the browser? [closed]

  audio, c++, reactjs, web-applications, webassembly

I’m trying to build an audio editor as a web app.

This app will allow someone to record themselves speaking and clip out/rerecord sections of the file as needed. It should also be able to automatically filter out some background noise and normalize the volume throughout the file.

Ideally, all the recording/editing functionality would be run entirely on the client-side, with a back-end only used for user authentication and a database for storing the finished audio files.

Right now, I’m trying to using React.js to build the front-end (the toolbar for recording & editing, the nav menu, etc.) and integrating WebAssembly so I can use C++ for the audio editing functionality, which I’ve heard has excellent performance and good libraries for working with audio.

I’ve built a front-end in React but am having trouble integrating WebAssembly and discovering the right C++ libraries to use. So I thought this would be a good moment to pause, check in with the community, and see if I’m thinking about this problem the right way.

Does WebAssembly seem like the right way to go for creating a near-native audio recording & editing experience in the browser?

What resources (popular frameworks, libraries, packages, etc.) would you recommend I look at for bringing this project to life?

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