boost io_context.stop() does not cancel timers

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Would you please help me spot what I’m doing wrong here. I’m starting to feel like there is a bug or something.

The code does something like the following:

using namespace boost::asio;
using namespace std::chrono;
using namespace std::chrono_literals;
io_context io;
executor_work_guard<io_context::executor_type> keepRunning(io.get_executor());
std::thread t{io::context::run, &io};

steady_timer timer(io);
timer.async_wait([](boost::system::error_code){}); // This is technically a one shot-timer with.


// Here comes the problem
t.join(); // This gets stuck for 5 minutes every time. The thread is still executing io_context::run

Now, if I do the same exact thing with a timeout handler that continues call async_wait, then io.stop() correctly aborts the timer. Calling timer.cancel() before calling io.stop() doesn’t help either.

I must be missing something but the 5 minute timeout is strangely similar to the default TCP timeout… as if there is a a select with that as a default timeout. Help me please!

I’m using boost version 1.72.0 with VS2019 on windows 10 x64.

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