How to apply realpython application layout guideline in Visual Studio 2019 in the best way? [closed]



I want to use realpython application layout guideline for my large python project structure, but I have many question to how to achieve this in visual studio with native visual studio way ?

  • Is any python module equal to one python console application project in visual studio?
  • Is any test module equal to one python console application with pytest option enable in .pyproj?
  • How to organize main project? create in root directory? or …?
  • How to run my module? like my another problem in stackoverflow

In general my question is what is best structure for large python project with multiple module and venv in visual studio? I want to use most capability and achieve most integration with visual studio and run and debug and test my solution with visual studio native way or task based (if any tools exist like cake for C# project).

I cannot find any guideline or best practice for How to create and run and develop large python project with visual studio in right way and visual studio spirit friendly, So I want to find it.

I am using visual studio 2019 on Windows 10


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