Getting error while creating kafka topic from command line The syntax of the command is incorrect

  apache-kafka, windows

Hi Folks I am trying to create a kafka topic using kafka-topic command line tool, but it is keep on showing "the syntax of the command is incorrect" I am using kafka version 2.5.0 (Commit:66563e712b0b9f84)
below are the commands that I tried but each time I am getting same error.

  1. .kafka-topics.bat –bootstrap-server broker:9092 –topic topic1 –create –replication-factor 1 –partitions 1
  2. .kafka-topics.bat –create –topic ngdev-topic –zookeeper localhost:2181 –replication-factor 1 –partitions 3
  3. .kafka-topics.bat -create -zookeeper localhost:2181 -replication-factor 1 -partitions 1 -topic sql-insert
  4. .kafka-topics.bat –bootstrap-server localhost:9092 –create –topic test1 –partitions 1 –replication-factor 1

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