Is it okay to call SDL_RenderCopy() for each sprite?

  c++, sdl-2

This is a followup to my question here: Is it okay to have a SDL_Surface and SDL_Texture for each sprite?

I made an class called entity each having a SDL_Texture, which is set in the constructor and then a member function render() is called for every onscreen entity in a vector, which uses SDL_RenderCopy() to draw to the renderer.

This render() function includes generating rectangles for each sprite based on their position/cameradata

Is this okay? Is there a faster way?

I made a testlevel with 96 sprites that each take up 2% of the screen with tons of overdraw and ft is 15ms (~65fps)at a resolution of1600x900. Seems a little slow for just some sprites, and my computer breathes much heavier then when playing a full game such as spelunky or isaac.

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