Copying EC2 instance from another region brings the wrong routing table with it

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I’ve a small problem in that I created an AMI in one AWS region and then copied it to another region. I’ve used it to fire up instances in the new region but the new instances all have some static routes that relate to the network interface of the previous region and as such the metadata service isn’t reachable:

The route print from an instance in the region where I created the AMI is:

  Network Address  Mask                 GW               Met      15      15      15      15      15      15

The region I’m now spinning up instances in has e.g.:

Active Routes:
Network Destination        Netmask          Gateway       Interface  Metric

I could start an instance, modify the routing table with e.g. route change mask metric 15 if 3, shut it down, save an AMI, and launch more instances from the new AMI… But is there a way to do all this from outside the instance/in the management panel so I don’t have to create another image?

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