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I hope you are doing well.
I have got a lot of WhatsApp group links, more than 2000. I need to join all these links at once.
I checked about Google Chrome extension that can open multiple links at once, but WhatsApp got a pop-up that asks to join the group or cancel. Is there any way to automate this pop-up to click on join group automatically?
Also, is there a better way to open these links better than Chrome extension?
I mean can I do it like this procedure?
1- open the WhatsApp group invitation link.
2- wait about some seconds.
3- when the pop-up comes, click join the group.
Then repeat these steps to get into all these groups
I searched about this issue but I don’t found any specific solution.
Can I do it in Powershell or cmd like scripts? or do I need to a programming language, if I need how and why can I do it?
Many thanks for you

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