Maximum amount of lines that can be copy/pasted into command prompt

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I’m using AWS CLI tool to download hundreds of thousands of files. I have almost a million of these one-liners generated from SQL query with different file path that I need to go through:

aws s3 cp s3://[myS3FilePath]/17802c9-6d3b-4eef-855a-a6ae0039c7ff/  C:[MyLocalFilePath]802c9-6d3b-4eef-855a-a6ae0039c7ff --recursive

I’ve been taking ~1000 lines at a time, pasting them to command prompt, and waiting for them to be iterated through. Works great!
It’s quite a time waste doing it in 1000 record batches though. What’s the maximum amount of lines that I could paste to CMD without losing any of my download commands?
Could I paste 1.000.000 lines into the command prompt for example and trust that it will iterate through all of them?

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