Create 3D human arm model in C++ or Python

  3d-modelling, c++, opengl, opengl-4, python

I am developing my master thesis, in which I am tracking human joints to assess postural control. So, the first step of the project returns a csv file (this format is susceptible of being changed) with the coordinates of each joint along time.

In order to debug this first step, and the future steps that I will develop, I want to create a 3D human arm model (the movements that I am tracking is mainly from the arm) so I will see if the csv data containing the joints coordinates is fine (Ideally, in the 3D arm version I would see the "dirty" version of the movement that I initially tracked).

What would be a correct-fast way to develop such model? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I want something that can be developed fast, with cylinders as arms sections and spheres as joints being more than enough. I don’t want to spend too much time with this since it is not part of the project itself at the end.

Note that I plan to move the arm using quaternions or euler angles, but not sure if that changes anything.

I have seen this done in C++ using OpenGL, but so far seems that it requires too much time that I actually don’t have.

Thanks in advance and I hope there is a way to do this!

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