getting ‘nan’ value from a function

  c++, cpu, double, nan

So I have this code on how to determine the cpu usage of a process. But I’m getting a ‘nan’ value when I call it. Can somebody tell me why?

I’m using Windows 10.

double getCurrentValue(){
    FILETIME ftime, fsys, fuser;
    ULARGE_INTEGER now, sys, user;
    double percent;

    memcpy(&now, &ftime, sizeof(FILETIME));

    GetProcessTimes(self, &ftime, &ftime, &fsys, &fuser);
    memcpy(&sys, &fsys, sizeof(FILETIME));
    memcpy(&user, &fuser, sizeof(FILETIME));
    percent = (sys.QuadPart - lastSysCPU.QuadPart) +
        (user.QuadPart - lastUserCPU.QuadPart);
    percent /= (now.QuadPart - lastCPU.QuadPart);
    percent /= numProcessors;
    lastCPU = now;
    lastUserCPU = user;
    lastSysCPU = sys;

    return percent * 100;

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