How can I stop the scrolling background ? I need to get moving background to stop

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I have been trying to solve this problem but I have not been able to find the solution yet.The problem is the background is moving. It
is not supposed to.I am trying to stop the background from scrolling
and only have the bat move from right to left. When the bat reaches
the edge, it needs to go back to its original position. I tried
changing the background code, but then it messes up the bat. It stops

SDL_Rect rectBackground;        //Background rectangle
SDL_Rect rectDemonPlacement;    //Where to place demon on game screen
SDL_Rect rectDemonSheet;        //Rectangle for sheet of demons
SDL_Rect rectDemon;             //Rectangle for one demon

int SpriteFrame = 0;
int FrameCounter = 0;
int BackgroundX = 0;
int width = 32;                      //width of one frame
int height = 32;                     //height of one frame
const int MaxSpriteFrame = 12;  //number of frames
const int FrameDelay = 2;

//Function Prototypes
bool ProgramIsRunning();
void FillRect(SDL_Rect &rect, int x, int y, int width, int height);
SDL_Surface* loadImage(std::string path);
SDL_Texture* loadTexture(SDL_Surface* surface);
SDL_Surface* setTransparentColor (SDL_Surface* surface, Uint8 r, Uint8 g, Uint8 b);
void CloseShop();

int main(int argc, char* args[])
        printf("Failed to initialize SDL!n");
        return 0;

    //Create the game window
    gameWindow = SDL_CreateWindow(
    //Create a renderer for the window
    renderer = SDL_CreateRenderer(gameWindow, -1, 0);

    //Set up Background
    //Load image
    tempSurface = loadImage("graphics/background.bmp");
    //Create texture
    textureBackground = loadTexture(tempSurface);
    // Create a rectangle at position 0, 0 for Background
    FillRect(rectBackground, 0, 0, 800, 600);

    //Set up Demon
    //create the surface - load the whole sheet
    tempSurface = loadImage("graphics/demon.bmp");
    //Set magenta as transparency color
    tempSurface = setTransparentColor(tempSurface, 255, 255, 255);
    //create the texture for the whole sheet
    textureDemonSheet = loadTexture(tempSurface);
    //Create the rectangle to hold one demon
    //SDL_QueryTexture() method gets the width and height of the sheet of demons
    SDL_QueryTexture(textureDemonSheet, NULL, NULL, &rectDemonSheet.w, &rectDemonSheet.h);
    //get the width of one frame (one demon) by dividing the width of the sheet by the number of frames
    width = rectDemonSheet.w/MaxSpriteFrame;
    //get the height of one frame
    height = rectDemonSheet.h;  //height on one demon is same as height of sheet
    //Initialize the rectangle for one demon
    FillRect(rectDemon, 0, 0, width, height);

    //Create the rectangle on game screen for demon placement
    FillRect(rectDemonPlacement, 350, 250, width, height);

if(FrameCounter > FrameDelay)
   FrameCounter = 0;
if(SpriteFrame > MaxSpriteFrame - 1)                   
   SpriteFrame = 0;         
rectDemon.x = SpriteFrame * rectDemon.w;
if(BackgroundX <= -800)
   BackgroundX = 0;
rectBackground.x = BackgroundX;
SDL_RenderCopy(renderer, textureBackground, NULL, &rectBackground);
rectBackground.x = BackgroundX+800;
SDL_RenderCopy(renderer, textureBackground, NULL, &rectBackground);''


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