Is it safe to `reinterpret_cast` two unrelated vector of objects when those objects have the same binary representation?

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I have newtypes around int, as well as classes that contains those newtype.

class IndexA {
    int i;
class A {
    IndexA index;

// this mimic exactly the hierarchy of `A`
struct IndexB {
    int i;
struct B {
    IndexB index;

Given that A and B share the exact same binary layout, does the following code contains undefined behavior or is it safe?

std::vector<A> vfoo {...};
std::vector<B> vbar {

I would have liked to be able to do a zero copy move transformation from std::vector<A> to std::vector<B>. Is it possible?

In my code:

  • A and B are really just a wrapper around int, so they have exactly the same binary representation.
  • The struct A only contains a mix of IndexA, std::optional<IndexA>, std::variant<IndexA, other types like IndexA>, or std::vector<IndexA or std::optional<IndexA>, …>. I think that I can assume that they have the same representation.
  • B is a strict copy of A, where every instances of IndexA are replaced by IndexB. The fields order is kept.

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