packages.config file is ignored during Visual Studio Build and nuget restore commands


I am trying to setup automated nuget package restoration on a vs build or command line build.
When following the specified Microsoft article:

I am unable to get Visual Studio 2019 or the following commands (nuget restore mysolution.sln, msbuild -t:restore, msbuild -restore) to read from a packages.config file in each of my projects

I have tried the following:

  • removing any references to PackageReference in each of the project files

  • deleting the bin and obj folders in each project

  • adding a local nuget.config with the following:

  • deleting the local packages folder

  • deleting the global packages folder

  • running the following command: nuget locals all -clear

  • Updated Visual Studio -> Tools -> Options -> NuGet Package Manager and set "Allow Nuget to download missing packages" and "Automatically check for missing packages during build in Visual" and set the Default Package management format to "Packages.config"

  • Restarting Visual Studio a few times.

When I run the nuget restore command for my solution it attempts to restore from packagereference inside each of the project files but since I do not have any it does nothing but still creates the corresponding nuget.g.props and project.assets.json files. I cannot use packagereferences inside of project files since this is not portable to other projects.

I require the ability to use packages.config file with one of the build commands.
I am stumped as to why this is not working

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