Unable to pull more than 1000 rows from database to visual studio [duplicate]


This question was covered in : Cant insert >1000 records in VS 2012 SqlExpress

I am facing pretty much the same issue. I am pulling the results of a query for a database for verification in Visual Studio using C#. In debug mode I can see that only 1000 rows are being pulled whereas the query is listing at least 3000

 for (int i = 0; i < rows.Count; i++)

            if (value1.Equals(rows[i].Data[2].VarCharValue) && 
                 && value3.Equals(rows[i].Data[0].VarCharValue))
                PricefromDB = rows[i].Data[4].VarCharValue;

The answer was to change the visibility within a toolbar but I am unable to find this toolbar. I’m also not able to comment on the original post

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