Visual Studio Code Won’t auto complete my C# code


Just to clarify this is about VS code not just VS

I’ve had the worst 3 hours looking for anything that could possibly fix my Visual studio code. I’m using the program to develop a game on unity but I can’t seem to get the auto complete thing (I think its Intellisense) to auto complete my code causing spelling mistakes and making coding 10x longer than it needs to take.

Heres a list of things I have tried:

  • Install .Net Framework v4.7.1 (which is what the console says to do)
  • Fix the Assembly file made by unity multiple time
  • Reinstall Visual studio, C# plugin and .Netframework
  • Change the OmniSharp to the latest version

I will add that when ever I type anything it comes up with "[info]: OmniSharp.Roslyn.CSharp.Services.Completion.CompletionService Could not find document for file c:UsersBruhmanGrinderAssetsScriptsPlayerMovement.cs"
and when I open visual studios and write anything in the script it’ll come up with an error that states "Some Projects have trouble loading. "Source: C# (Extension)" "

Below is a screen shot of what comes up in the console (It’s the same every time)


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