Abstract Base Class create instance of derived class with Base class as type

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I got a simple problem: I have a base class which is abstract, and I want to use it as type for a derived class. What I mean is this:

class Rule {
    //Return value is equal to the count of consumned chars or -1 if the given chars are invalid for this rule
    virtual int parse(const std::string& text, unsigned int startIndex) = 0;

class OptionalRule : public Rule {
    Rule m_rule;

    OptionalRule(Rule rule) {
        m_rule = rule;

This gives me the following error code: object of abstract class type is not allowed. Now I know that I can’t have an instance of Rule, but what I want is any subclass of Rule to be allowed. How do I do this? I’m aware that it has something to do with pointers, but I don’t quite understand why or how it works.

Thanks for any help!

PS: I know that I have to implement the virtual function in the class OptionalRule so that I can instantiate it

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