Will this completely clean up the result of dynamic allocation of a class object?

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So I dynamically allocated a class object with this code:

void Inventory::createNewInventoryItem(std::string itemName, unsigned int maxQuantity, unsigned int orderThreshold, double price)
    InventoryItems* newItem = new InventoryItems;
    newItem->createInventoryItem(itemName, maxQuantity, orderThreshold, price);

Which is stored in this vector: std::vector<InventoryItems*> m_inventory;

Then once the object is done being used deleteInventoryItem is called, which is defined as:

void Inventory::deleteInventoryItem(int posInVector)
    m_inventory.erase(m_inventory.begin() + posInVector);

My question is: Will this deleteInventoryItem function successfully free up the memory used by the dynamic allocation in createNewInventoryItem? (This ties into my confusion around if delete[] is needed when a class deconstructor is called)

Sorry for the not "Mission critical" question, just trying to make sure I’m not continuing bad practices as I’m really trying to program as perfectly as I could…

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