Free memory created by instantiating base class with parent type that has protected destructor

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I think this is probably a really simple question, but I am as much a C++ developer as the guys at the walmart meat counter are butchers.

Say I have:

class Parent{

class ChildA : public Parent{


struct Container{
    Parent *child;

    //Tried this, causes: munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer
        delete &child;

Container MakeStruct(){
    ChildA child = *new ChildA();
    return Container { .child = &child };

int main()
    Container cont = MakeStruct();

    //Tried this, causes: "Parent::~Parent()" is inaccessible
    delete cont.child;

As you can see, I am using new to create a ChildA because I need it to outlive the MakeStruct function. So I know this means that child (in MakeStruct) will be placed on the heap, and that I am responsible for deleting it. But I can’t seem to delete it.
I can’t change the type of child in Container because I need it to accept both a ChildA and a ChildB. It sort of makes sense, considering the destructor of Parent is protected. I have no control over Parent or either Child. They are part of an external library.

I case it helps, the actual code I’m working with is a library called ArduinoJson.

I am trying to return either a DynamicJsonDocument or a StaticJsonDocument<T> from a function, wrapped in a struct taking a JsonDocument:

Here is the struct that contains the JsonDocument:

struct rpc_handler_result_t {
    esp_err_t result;
    JsonDocument *response;

which is returned from:

    const int len = JSON_OBJECT_SIZE(1);
    StaticJsonDocument<len> reply = *new StaticJsonDocument<len>;

    reply["MaxOutput"] = Configuration::GetMaxOutputAmps();

    rpc_handler_result_t res = {
        .result = ESP_OK,
        .response = reply

    return res;

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