clang-query: Examining name of template parameter of a function argument’s type

I have a big project, and a slew of C++ class member functions of the form:

Return CClass::MemberFunction(
   Arg1 arg1,
   std::weak_ptr<IMemberFunctionListenerInterface> listener) {

I’m trying to write a matcher that finds functions like these, which have arguments whose types have the string "Listener" in their name.

I can find functions with arguments whose types have "weak_ptr" in their name:

clang-query> m cxxMethodDecl(hasAnyParameter(hasType(cxxRecordDecl(matchesName("weak_ptr")))))

This matches the above function just fine. But if I change "weak_ptr" to "Listener", the function is no longer matched. I’m guessing this is because it is the name of a template parameter to the std::weak_ptr class template.

I’ve tried a lot of different variations of this query, but I haven’t hit on the one that matches the functions I’m interested in.

Any pointers?

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