Include Path of Eigen in Visual Studio Code doesn’t work

After a day of struggling, I’m giving up and asking for help. I have macOS Catalina, with clang installed and I downloaded Visual Studio Code because I need it for a C++ project. I followed the C++ tutorial on how to set up Visual Studio Code for C++, and I can compile and run the example the proposed.

Now I want to do #include <Eigen/Dense>, since I need linear algebra a lot. It’s a header-only library, located in my /usr/local folder, so if I want to compile from the terminal I can just do:

clang++ -o test_file -I /usr/local -std=c++14 test_file.cpp

In the tutorial, there’s written to change just the includePath, so I modified my include path adding in my c_cpp_properties.json file

"includePath": ["/usr/local"]

but I always have a file-not-found error:

fatal error: 'Eigen/Dense' file not found
#include "Eigen/Dense"

Apparently, there must be something that is not stated in the tutorial that I’m missing. Any help is highly appreciated.

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