API returns string handled by Visual Studio


So I have a issue with the return of a string from a customer API using a URL and PIN that returns customer specific info based on the PIN they are assigned. The API returns a comma delimited list and it is logged into a table on our side. This setup worked before they made a change in hosting and outsourced their IT. Now I’m familiar with SQL, but I kind of got dropped into another area I’m not familiar with and I’m trying to learn understand what’s happening in the code that handles this in Visual Studio. Once it gets to menu 4 its handled by what’s setup in Visual Studio.


            If Me.Menu = 4 Then
                    Dim strResult As String = ""
                    Dim req As WebRequest = HttpWebRequest.Create(
                                Me.CallInfo("Url").ValueString & Me.CallInfo("Pin").ValueString
                    Dim resp As WebResponse = req.GetResponse()
                    Dim sr As New StreamReader(resp.GetResponseStream)
                    strResult = sr.ReadToEnd
                    Me.CallInfo("FullResult").Value = strResult

                    Me.CallInfo("Email").Value = ""
                    Me.CallInfo("ContactNumber1").Value = ""
                    Me.CallInfo("ContactNumber2").Value = ""
                    Me.CallInfo("ContactNumber3").Value = ""
                    Me.CallInfo("ContactNumber4").Value = ""
                    Me.CallInfo("ContactNumber5").Value = ""

                    If Me._strResult.Trim = "" Then
                        Me.Menu = 5


So my question is whether this is where the values are defined to write to the database. The FullResult is in the database as mentioned. But that is a comma delimited list of what should be in the rest of the fields as well. So it has the email,contactnumber1,contactnumber2 etc. Is there something I should look for to determine if the other fields are derived from this list? Or is the API supposed to be providing additional information for these other table columns? It was mentioned to me it may be a Cert issue? Just any help or advice is greatly appreciated!

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