VB.net problems with wrong result in string and reading


hi my name is john I’m new here , well liked the site and the proposal very interesting , but today I come here to ask for help with a code I’m writing I have 4 problems with it and are as follows : printing untyped value and repeating value the second is to move the prompt cursor back and pass the strings forward. I tried creating 2 variables one that receives the value of when pressed the left key to pass the last character to the beginning and go adjusting the word with replace and substring and to the right in the same way pass the characters from the front back to the original position but could not. The other problem is that when I type something in the prompt and press enter it repeats on top and bottom the same value or the ghost-shaped side. and the other is that it prints the cursor and next to it prints the repeated value after the cursor and I did not find a way to remove this error. And finally I’m trying to create commands but I want to use index of to identify a word but I also want to read what comes forward to it to represent an example value: color blue


enter image description here

Up when tightening enter shows repeatedly.

enter image description here

Here I show that the prompt works however repeats a ghost below

enter image description here

and when I simulate the cursor move happens this error with or without the cursor convertto string

enter image description here

lastly I would like suggestion to correct the code and inves of i have to enter the name of each color as above I can use only one command and set a color or text or function example: color green

I am using visual studio 2015 with .net framework 4.0 and would like to thank you right now for everyone’s attention. and if possible some light for my problems I will be grateful, I’m using windows 10 64x

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