cant get any aes encryption to work in c++ (ubuntu arm64)

  aes, arm64, c++, encryption, ubuntu

im no encryption expert. but i remember in 2018, i literally copied and pasted some encryption code and was able to just edit a few variables and put it into the functions i wanted. it worked great. i was encrypting strings with just a function call and a key and a vector.

this was on a windows machine though

now, i cant find much info on aes encryption in c++. and the couple examples i can find end with errors because modes.h, filters.h and aes.h have code in them that cause compiling errors. is this just a linux/arm64 problem?

ive been stuck for a while now and i remembered it being pretty straight forward. but… not it seems like im the only one having problems with it.

anyone successful with encrypting strings with aes?

strings are all im doing not files.

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