How to make subrequests on a single route nginx

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I have an Nginx reverse proxy listening on port 80 and a lot of services running over other ports or subpaths in our scenario. The outside requests are proxied to the right service / API / server based on the requested route.

Like this:

Current scenario

Some requests are just to check the environment health and responsiveness status, and currently, I have to send a request to health check each one of the inner services from outside.

This Nginx proxy runs on a Windows VM and the inner services can be in the same VM, on a container, other subnets, and so on…

I’m trying to configure one route on Nginx proxy to respond with a single body containing the health response of all inner services.

The desired scenario would be like this:

Desired scenario

I’ve read about the njs module that could do the trick, but it looks like runs only on Linux and MacOS.

Have you guys any idea on how can I achieve this?

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