ODBC Equivalent of DBMS_ALERT in Oracle

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Is there anything (system procedure,function or other) in SQL Server that will provide the functionality of DBMS_ALERT package of ORACLE (and DBMS_PIPE respectively).
I work in a plant and I’m using an extension-product of SQL-Server called InSQL Server by Wonderware which is specialized in gothering data from plant controllers and HumanMachineInterface(SCADA) software.
This system can record events happening in the plant (like a high-temperature alarm for example). It stores sensor values in extension tables of SQL Sever and other less dense information in normal SQL Server tables.
I want to be able to alert some applications running on operator PCs that an event has been recorded in the database.
An after insert trigger in the events table seems to be a good place to put something equivalent to DBMS_ALERT (if it exists), to wake up other applications that are waiting for the specific alert and have the operators type in some data.

In other words I want to be able to notify other processes (that have connection to SQL Server) that something has happend in the database.

thanks for reading this
A quick help is really appriciated.

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