Windows Share Permissions for Domain Admins not working

I’m setting up a new share that I’ve enabled enumerated access on. I’m looking to limit people access to files on a certain folder. I’ve setup other folders that restrict access unless your in a security group. This folder thats giving me trouble was copied over from another network share. When I create a folder from scratch everything works fine so I’m curious if thats whats giving me issues.

The folder I’m trying to access is
x:/Limerock/Projects/"Project Name"

If I go into the security tab and check my effective access it says that I have full control:
enter image description here

The user I’m signed into is joe.jankowiak which is part of the Domain Admins security group. Domain Admins owns all the folders in above this and has full control.

enter image description here

When trying to enter the folder it tells me I need to request permission. I’m an admin so it goes through and adds "joe.jankowiak" to the full control list in the security permissions.

enter image description here

Why is it not taking my domain admin credentials to enter this folder? I’m seeing other weird behavior such as it saying "Unable to display current owner." and "You must have read permissions to view the properties of this object". Clicking continue lets me see it.

enter image description here

Everything looks right, I’ve setup 6 other new folders in the exact same manner and they work fine. I’ve signed in and out many times but it hasn’t fixed it. Weird enough, another computer I signed into lets me access the folder just fine. Is there a way to reload file permissions since logging in/out doesn’t seem to do it. Is there a command like gpupdate that I should run?

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