Compiler error mingw32-make.exe: *** [ ../build-Debug/Section7/main.cpp.o] Error 1

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Can you help me?

I was writing my code :

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main() {

    char vowels[] = {'a' ,'e', 'i', 'o', 'u' };
    cout << "nThe first vowel is: " << vowels[0] << endl;
    cout << "The last vowel is: " << vowels[4] << endl;

    return 0;

and it’s show :

C:WINDOWSsystem32cmd.exe /C ""C:/Program Files/mingw-w64/mingw64/bin/mingw32-make.exe" -j2 SHELL=cmd.exe -e -f  ""  MakeIntermediateDirs && "C:/Program Files/mingw-w64/mingw64/bin/mingw32-make.exe" -j2 SHELL=cmd.exe -e -f  ""  ../build-Debug/Section7/main.cpp.o"
----------Building project:[ Arrays - Debug ] (Single File Build)----------
"C:/Program Files/mingw-w64/mingw64/bin/g++.exe"  -c  "C:/Users/(Username)/Documents/CPP Course/Section7/Section7/Section7/main.cpp" -g -O0 -std=c++17 -Wall  -o /Users/(Username)/Documents/CPP Course/Section7/Section7"/build-Debug//Users/(Username)/Documents/CPP Course/Section7/Section7/Section7/main.cpp.o -I. -I.
g++.exe: error: Course/Section7/Section7/build-Debug//Users/(Username)/Documents/CPP Course/Section7/Section7/Section7/main.cpp.o -I. -I. : No such file or directory
mingw32-make.exe: *** [ ../build-Debug/Section7/main.cpp.o] Error 1
====0 errors, 0 warnings====

and the code (cmd) just opened and just closed it

can you help?

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