Electron JS App still has default Icons (.appx file built with electron-windows-store)

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I’ve tried every solution I could find online but the logo keeps defaulting to electron logo. I do see my logos in the pre-appx/assets folder alongside the default Sample*.png files.

This is the command I use to build the appx file:

electron-windows-store --input-directory C:nukleus-online-desktop-appwin-unpacked --output-directory C: --package-version --package-name 'NukleusAanlynApp' --package-display-name 'Nukleus Aanlyn App' --publisher-display-name 'Nukleus Onderwys' --identity-name 31765NukleusOnderwys.NukleusAanlynApp -a C:nukleus-online-desktop-appResources

The logo files are now named only by size:


but I have tried Square44x44.Logo.png and it also did not work.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! I have also checked the repo and there are issues regarding this which seem to be sorted but I found no actual solutions.

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