Issues with using node-rdkafka with sasl support on nix

  apache-kafka, c++, librdkafka, nix, node.js

I am trying to install this package node-rdkafka on a nix environment. Also I need Sasl support for my application to interact with the kafka running in cloud. But I am unable to get it running.

I am kind of a newbie here but after some research I knew that the libsasl2 needs to be installed prior to installing the node-rdkafka npm package. So I got cyrus-sasl in my nix environment my current nix package list

But I am still getting missing libsasl2 while installing the npm package libsasl2 missing

Here is the complete log.
npm log

Forgive me if if I have missed something important. I am kind of stuck.

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