Send message into SQS from LAmbda with AWS-SDK-CPP

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I want to send message to AWS SQS from AWS Lambda with a c++ application using the aws-sdk-cpp 1.8.154.

The related code:

Aws::Client::ClientConfiguration clientConfig("default");
Aws::SQS::SQSClient sqs(clientConfig);
Aws::SQS::Model::SendMessageOutcome ret = sqs.SendMessage(sqsRequest);
BOOST_LOG_TRIVIAL(info) << "Send result with: " << ret.GetError().GetMessage();

and I get the following output:

curlCode: 77, Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?)

If I disable SSL verification, everything works fine.

I have tried to set

clientConfig.caPath = "/etc/ssl/certs/";


clientConfig.caFile = "/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt";

without success.

The lambda execution role has AmazonSQSFullAccess, but it doesn’t help.

Can anybody help me how to get things work?

The only strong related issue that I found: but the questioner didn’t provided the resolution.

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