How to change RAID to AHCI without formatting the windows

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can you please hint me to a solution? I try to change the storage "controller mode" in Windows 10. Currently, it is set in my Bios/UEFI to RST mode. I like to change it to AHCI.

Is it right that AHCI mode supports the so-called "TRIM" feature of SSD and RST does not support that?

I tried to change it in Bios to AHCI but it prompted a warning saying that all data in the drive will be erased. How can I then boot to my Windows system?

Is any solid workaround available to change from RST to AHCI and still be able to boot your existing Windows installation?

I read about restarting the pc in safe mode and after that make the switch to AHCI. I would normally do this method but when I read about the "all data will be erased" I thought to ask before doing it.

What role is the Intel Rapid Storage feature playing in all of this? Would Intel still work with AHCI?

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