Full file path doesn’t works with XALAN Transform C++

  c++, xalan, xerces, xml, xslt

I’m trying to transform XML, XSL to html using Apache xalan-C++ framework. It works if I give file name alone i.e. if the file is in relative path where the exe is. But if I give full file path, transform fails. Tried with both forward and backward slash in the file path.

Error message:
enter image description here


XSLTInputSource xmlIn(sFinalXMLPath.c_str());
std::string xsltFilePath = sTemplateDir + "test_mail.xsl";
std::string htmlFilePath = sTemplateDir + "test_mail.html";
XSLTInputSource xslIn(xsltFilePath.c_str());
XSLTResultTarget xmlOut(htmlFilePath.c_str());
int theResult = theXalanTransformer.transform(xmlIn, xslIn, xmlOut);

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