How to create an appx from src folder

  appx, c++, compilation, github, windows

I cloned a github repo and it comes with all the files in the src folder, and in the readme there’s no info about compiling.
I’m pretty sure i have to use makeappx.exe but i have no idea how to do use it, or if it’s the right thing to use. it’s written in C#. I installed visual studio and tried to open the sln, but i don’t know what to do next! i’ve installed .NET sdk 5

This is a specific case, but also a general guide on how to compile code from github repos would be good. Lot of repos comes with Releases and the apposite precompiled exe file, but others don’t, and with the source code you can also edit the software as you want (only for personal use ofc) so it’d be nice to know how to compile

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