VSCode Asciidoctor snippet and word suggestions not working despite being enabled

Dear Fellow Asciidoc/VSCode users!

I’ve recently switched to Windows from Linux. It is true I have not updated my Linux VSCode or any extensions for a few years now, because it worked as I wanted and didn’t want any new features to brick anything. So, my issue might not be os-release-related, but rather version-related.

In .adoc files, I cannot seem to be able to enable word/snippet suggestions. Some code suggestions work, but not my snippets and simple text suggestions from one or more currently opened files. This worked on my old setup.

Enabling suggestions with editor.wordBasedSuggestions, editor.suggest.showWords: true, editor.snippetSuggestions, or the other related settings options I was able to find does nothing, even after reloading the editor.
Suggestions work normally in .txt and .py files for example.

While I didn’t find anything online on how to enable suggestions, I did find a lot of posts where people wanted to disable word suggesting and also failing to do so using the above-noted settings options.

I must be missing something. Could it be a language-configuration issue? I couldn’t find any relevant settings here: Language Configuration Guide.
Could it be related to something else in the AsciiDoc language extension?

Any ideas? Thanks a lot.

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