Archicad – Create Simple Textbox with Inputs and show saved data

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As per a requirement of a job interview, I am tasked with developing add-ons for Archicad with C++. Archicad is totally new to me and I just heard about the software from my interviewer this morning. I visited the ArchiCAD website for their API documentation, but it seems a bit unusual to me. I have never worked with any CAD software like API and Archicad examples are not yet available to me as I’ve just requested for a Developer ID and it might take 2/3 days to grant me this.

So, I am requesting help with some documentation and proper examples on how to build C++ add-ons for ArchiCAD from scratch. My task includes :

  1. A windowed add-ons which will have a text box for the name, a drop-down for gender, and a text-box for some descriptions
  2. A save button to save these data
  3. And upon saving these data , it will save somewhere inside the persistence database of ArchiCAD add-ons
  4. The previous saved data will be shown on the windowed add-ons as list box.

This is all I need to show the recruiter within 3-4 days for qualifying for the next round in the process. So, if anyone comes up with the helping docs or example, I will be truly grateful. Honestly, I am badly in need of a job.

Thanks in Advance.

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