Is it possible to execute a code from AAR on Windows?

  aar, android, interop, windows

Disclaimer: sorry for being not very specific, but I’m absolutely new to it and I would appreciate any hint.

I have an *.aar file from a third-party source, that contains the logic I would like to use in the Windows desktop application. My goal is to launch any kind of process in Windows that would be able to make the calls to the code from this .aar file. So far I’ve created Xamarin.Android bindings for the classes from .aar, but that didn’t help since I still don’t know how to launch the process. I know about the existance of Android Emulator but as far as I understand it creates some kind of virtual environment that is isolated from the host Windows OS, and I would like to have an ordinary Windows process. Is there some kind of runtime that allows making calls to *.aar code from Windows?

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