Can I get infrared light from IR receiver (vs1836b) and display it on my computer?

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I use Arduino Uno R3
enter image description here

And I use two components (infrared transmitter and infrared receiver)
enter image description here
enter image description here

I was able to connect them together and all is well, the problem is…
enter image description here

if you can see…

digitalWrite(led_PIN, HIGH) //turn the ifrared LED on HIGH

bool bl = receiver.decode();  

The receiver if it absorbs the light (will return "true", another "false", and also keep the power value)

if (bl == true)

Prints "true" or "false" to the screen to see if it has to input anything

    Serial.println(receiver.decodedIRData.decodedRawData, DEC);


  1. Prints the value
  2. The data and cleaner

My problem each time gives a different value (and I know by logic that must return the same value)

I do not know electronics I’m just a software

I would be happy to help with what I should do

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