Is it possible to create a windows 10 Virtual camera+mic app to use with a video-conferencing android app (inside emulator)?

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Hi I have a complex requirement.

There are a set of video-conferencing app that I am interested in, which are available for Android and Iphones only. I want to use these apps with multiple mic and cameras at the same time.

If I choose to cover Android Apps, I think I will use Windows 10 and use an emulator to run the Android app inside my windows environment. I will connect 2 cameras and 2 audio sources to my windows computer. Then the video-streaming software I will create will help me to switch between the audio sources or create overlays over the video and generate video-in-video streams too. Is it possible to do such a thing ? Is there any open-source project that is similiar to this ?

Instead of chosing windows platform, will it be easier to do it in liux or chrome-os or osx ?


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