Minecraft Plus Screensaver. How do I extract and change it?

  7zip, c++, minecraft, winrar

I’m on my end right now.
I am trying to extract the Minecraft Plus Screensaver to change its textures.
I know how screensavers work. They are just a runnable .exe file so I tried opening it in Resource Hacker.
No success.
I tried renaming it to a .zip file
That worked! Kinda. WinRAR lists the files but can’t open them because the Archive is "broken"
I opened HxD and saw it is "MZ" and "PE"
I googled what an MZ file is and it is an archive format.
Opening it in 7zip (because WinRAR can’t read MZ) didn’t do much
I opened it in ExeInfoPE to see what it is written in and it is Visual C++
I tried a C++ decompiler but this is just a mess there. I don’t know how to program C++ so now I’m at the end of my trying.

Anybody knows something to try?


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