Node MCU ESP8266 MQTT not subscribing

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I’m trying to follow this tutorial on connecting to AWS:

I’m getting the ESP8266 to connect to the internet but it seems like I can’t MQTT to subscribe. There is another forum post on this error that I’m getting but the solution to that post doesn’t work in this situation. Here is the error in the serial window:

load 0x4010f000, len 3584, room 16 
tail 0
chksum 0xb0
csum 0xb0
⸮⸮connecting to wifi

3068 - conn: 1 - (46984)
Fatal exception 28(LoadProhibitedCause):
epc1=0x40212184, epc2=0x00000000, epc3=0x00000000, excvaddr=0x00000000, depc=0x00000000

--------------- CUT HERE FOR EXCEPTION DECODER ---------------

Exception (28):
epc1=0x40212184 epc2=0x00000000 epc3=0x00000000 excvaddr=0x00000000 depc=0x00000000


ctx: cont
sp: 3ffffcc0 end: 3fffffc0 offset: 0190
3ffffe50:  3ffeea18 402034ea 00000020 40100994  
3ffffe60:  3ffeea18 3ffefde4 00000000 40204d7b  
3ffffe70:  00000020 3ffe851c 3ffefde4 40204da0  
3ffffe80:  3fff093c 3ffe851c 3ffeea08 402034f1  
3ffffe90:  000001bb 3fff0b04 3ffe88d3 000001bb  
3ffffea0:  00000000 3ffeea08 3ffeeb08 000001bb  
3ffffeb0:  3ffeea18 3fff0b04 3ffeea08 402025c4  
3ffffec0:  3fffff30 00000000 38363033 4020ca45  
3ffffed0:  3fffff40 3ffeebe4 3ffeebb4 3ffeebe4  
3ffffee0:  4020a308 3ffeebe4 3fffff2b 4020a314  
3ffffef0:  00000001 3ffe851c 3fffff2b 4020412d  
3fffff00:  00000034 0000000a 3fffff2a 3ffefdc4  
3fffff10:  00000000 3ffee9bc 00000000 40209a54  
3fffff20:  ebd7ae50 e4b89c07 4c957f2d 5851f42d  
3fffff30:  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000001  
3fffff40:  3ffefdc4 40201088 00000020 40100994  
3fffff50:  4020a308 3ffeebe4 000000ff 3ffeed24  
3fffff60:  3ffefdc4 3ffee9bc 3ffeebe4 40209c44  
3fffff70:  00000000 00000000 00000001 402010aa  
3fffff80:  3fffdad0 3ffee9bc 3ffeebe4 4020117c  
3fffff90:  3fffdad0 3ffeeb7c 3ffeea08 40201308  
3fffffa0:  feefeffe 00000000 3ffeece4 4020ba74  
3fffffb0:  feefeffe feefeffe 3ffe857c 40100c21  

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