Error response from daemon: Container is not running when running command from Docker image of openzim/zim-tools

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I’m using Docker on Windows 10 for openzim/zim-tools. Then I want to use the command zimDump [options] zimfile, i.e.,

zimDump -D "C:UsersAkiraDownloadszim" "C:UsersAkiraDownloadsDocumentswiktionary_fr_all_maxi_2021-03.zim"

In command prompt, I type the following

docker ps -a
docker exec -it eager_nightingale zimDump -D "C:UsersAkiraDownloadszim" "C:UsersAkiraDownloadsDocumentswiktionary_fr_all_maxi_2021-03.zim"

Then it returns the message

C:UsersAkira>docker ps -a
CONTAINER ID   IMAGE               COMMAND                  CREATED          STATUS                      PORTS     NAMES
3f3fcdc4a238   openzim/zim-tools   "/bin/sh -c 'echo 'W…"   13 minutes ago   Exited (0) 13 minutes ago             eager_nightingale

C:UsersAkira>docker exec -it eager_nightingale zimDump -D "C:UsersAkiraDownloadszim" "C:UsersAkiraDownloadsDocumentswiktionary_fr_all_maxi_2021-03.zim"
Error response from daemon: Container 3f3fcdc4a2389be32f9dfbb0b1cf7a8d77e74aaef31555cd9724cae75dab7731 is not running

Could you please elaborate on where I got wrong?

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