How I can find why Windows is blocking java.exe?

I encounter some very strange behavior and I don’t know how to handle it.
I suspect that the behavior started to reproduce after last Windows upgrade. But I am not sure if it has anything related to it. (I discovered it when I tried to run maven, which uses java)

The behavior is the following: when run java (e.g. java.exe -version) from command line, it does nothing (like below). The process looks like it is hanged.
enter image description here

I did the following tests:

  1. make a clone of java.exe (e.g. jv.exe) and run it. It works.enter image description here
  2. rename another application to java.exe (e.g. processmonitor.exe to java.exe). When run application, it doesn’t open.enter image description here
  3. renamed java.exe to java.exe.bkp and make a link ‘java.exe’ to ‘jv.exe’ (which works), and the process is hanged.
  4. make another link java1.exe to jv.exe and it works.enter image description here
  5. did all the operations with&without network, and no difference (java.exe doesn’t work, the others work)
  6. restart windows in ‘save mode’ (+/- network) and java.exe works
  7. I disabled the firewall from windows, and/or I added rules for java.exe. It doesn’t work.

Initially I had many JVMs installed. I uninstalled all of them and installed only the one in images. All above tests are made after new installation.

Also, I observed that every time I run java.exe (but not when I run jv.exe or java1.exe) there is a new file java.exe.XXX.dat created in c:Usersuser.nameAppVerifierLogs.enter image description here Searching on google, it seems that is some kind of log file, which can be viewed with this application ( but I don’t find the standalone application. Maybe it is already installed in the system, but I don’t know where or how to enable it.

It seems that for some reason, the Windows is blocking all processes named ‘java’, no matter if it is actually the java program or any other application. But I’m out of ideas regarding what could be the cause, or how to continue to investigate.

If anyone can help me, I will be grateful to him.

Thank you.

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