GDI+ Image size reduction

  c++, gdi, image-processing, image-size, visual-c++

Given that I’m working in C++ and also want to use GDI+, I want to load an image from a .jpg file, reduce it to a thumbnail and save it as the same filename with "_s" appended. Why do I want to do this? I have a load of images of an old 1950’s car I want to sell. I want to create a web site with simple HTML links that I can upload en-bloc and just have it work. Click the link, view the photo. I’ve got that far but with textual links. What I really want is a thumbnail of the image instead of the text. Because there’s ~1000 photos, I want to take the grunt work out of it.

This is a lash-up, personal project that doesn’t need to see a wider audience than me. I’ve been Googling for help like a crazy thing but can’t seem to get a handle on it.

The bit I’m stuck on is reducing the size. The rest is OK. I’m grateful for any help, particularly help of the "This is the function you want: xxxx(….)" type! I’m happy to run with the ball. I’m just lacking a ball.

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