How can i send/recieve text over the internet in c++?

  c++, networking, text, windows, winsock

i am relatively new to programming and i am experimenting with grabbing things and sending them over to another computer. mostly for learning experience.

i have done many a search for this exact problem, but the answers i found haven’t been extensively helpful. i have heard about winsock, but i don’t know exactly how it works and i’m considering if i will be embarrassed in the answers with easy winsock solutions.

Basically all i want to do is have one exe file, on a main computer (windows), start listening over the net for another exe file on another computer (also windows) to send a simple string of text, in which the main computer will receive the text, display it, and then from there i’ll be able to figure out what i want to do with it.

simple enough….. right? (not really, unless it is and i am dumb.)

i say (windows) because i know linux is better for these kinds of things, but both machines will be windows.

i am using visual studio 2019 if that helps.

i am also very new to this so please be patient with me lol

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