How to use findstr on path to output certain folders

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I want to come up with a command that searches my path variable and outputs the folders that include the search keyword. For example: I want to output all paths included in my path variable that include the word ‘python’ (case insensitive).

My path looks like this:

C:Program FilesConEmuConEmuScripts;C:Program
FilesConEmu;C:Program FilesConEmuConEmu;C:Program
FilesMicrosoft VS Codebin;C:Program Files
(x86)PDFtkbin;C:Program Filesffmpegbin;C:Program
Filesffmpegavconvbin;C:Program Filesffmpegcurlbin;C:Program
Filesnodejs;C:Program FilesGitcmd;C:Program Files
FilesOpenSSH;C:Usersjc.ssh;C:Program Files

Expected result would be:


So far, I have a regex formula that selects every path (see example here). The regex I have is:


If I try
path | findstr "C.*?;"

Nothing really comes out (shouldn’t it output all lines that match that regex?). Also, how would I go about outputting the paths that include the intended search keyword? Thanks

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